AFCC President’s message: L’Hiver 2020

Mes Chers Amis et Membres, Bonjour!

Since the last Gazette three months have passed but unfortunately in the worst conditions and you know very well what I mean by that.

All over the world the same words resonate…Pandemic, Covid 19 with all its tragic consequences. But we must not forget how lucky we are in Australia and also not to forget that there are still other illnesses destroying lives.

I’ll try to avoid pronouncing these words but we cannot ignore them. We are in a critical moment of History and it is obvious that a global paralysis is installed but respecting my principles…” There are never problems…only solutions”… for example regarding our French lessons, our teachers Felix and Patricia have worked very hard to introduce and continue their distance teaching via Zoom and I can tell you that the comments from the few students I have spoken with were very positive and they were very impressed…now there you have an example of a solution!

Usually I always have the great pleasure of talking about all the social events that have been organised bringing variety and happiness to you all, my dear friends and members of our AFCC, but unfortunately all those which were scheduled for the last three months had to be cancelled… in fact No … not cancelled just postponed!…except for a few unlucky…or maybe…lucky travellers around the world!

The Pre-Easter picnic… cancelled….but there will be many other picnics, the cruise on the beautiful Brisbane Waters… cancelled… but there will be many other cruises, the French Country Market as popular as it always is… cancelled…but there will be many other French Country Markets!

At least one project for our members/students is still planned and will be carried out in early September IF we are allowed to depart Australia and fly to Noumea where the school is located in a former penal colony. All its historical buildings are intact, including what was the house of the French Governor, the bakery where the prisoners’ duty was to make bread for everyone, the typical chapel … everything is still there!…and all of it with a spectacular view!

In the meantime, my dear friends and members, I really look forward to finally being able to meet you all…in French of course…and if you have forgotten, don’t worry I’ll forgive you and “let’s start again”, to celebrate our reunion probably at the Cheeky Charlie Restaurant with a very special lunch…maybe champagne???…and most importantly to see you all in perfect health and happy to realise how beautiful and precious life is!

À trés bientôt, j’espère,
Nathalie Adams