French news (TV and radio)

Le Monde (daily newspaper)
Liberation (daily newspaper)

France on the Central Coast

Ludo’s Gourmet Kitchen
Le pâtissier français à Avoca Beach / French bakery
8 Cape Three Points Road, Avoca Beach
Tel : 4382 1926
Fleur de Lys
Daniele & Ross
97 Victoria Street, East Gosford
Tel : 4321 0044
You’ll find beautiful French and European items for your house.

To learn French

Le point du FLE (français langue étrangère) numerous free resources to learn French
TV5 monde ( Tv to learn French)
Roslyn’s resources
Vive la rose et le lilas –

Video in  1966  –

Video in  2013  –  Guy Béart – Vive la rose