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New Calendonia trip 2017

New Caledonia

Bon voyage à nos étudiants qui sont partis pour un voyage-études en Nouvelle Calédonie.

We hope you are having a great time and you come back with an even greater enthusiasm for the French Language and culture.

AFCC 25th anniversary lunch



A collection of French film reviews

Our President, Ary, has collated a number of French film reviews. All AFCC members can borrow these French movies from our Médiathèque.

Follow the links to explore:

Adele Blanc Sec                     

(Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec)


Another woman’life                   

(La vie d’une autre)


Beautiful Lies                            

(De vrais mensonges)


Café de Flore                             


Change of Plans                        

(Le code a changé




Dans Paris                                 




Happiness never comes alone (Eng)


Un bonheur jamais arrives seule (Fr)





Hunting and Gathering              

(Ensemble c’est tout)


Le chef                                      

(Comme un chef)


L’élégant criminel                      


Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Polain


Love crime                                

(Crime d’amour)


Marie-Jo and her two loves       

(Marie Jo et ses deux amours)


Monsieur Batignole                   


My afternoons with Margueritte

(La tête en friche)


My mother’s castle                     

(Le chateau de ma mère)


Outside the Law                        

(Hors la loi)


Paris je t’aime                            



(Hors de prix)


Romantics Anonymous             

(Les émotifs anonymes)


Rust and Bone                           

(De rouille et d’os)


Summer Hours                          

(L’heure d’été)


Tell No-one                               

(Ne le dis à personne)


The Concert                              

(Le concert)


The Perfect Date                       

(L’amour c’est mieux à deux)


The Singer                                 

(Quand j’étais Chanteur)


The story of my life                   

(Mensonges et trahisons et plus si affinités)


The women on the sixth Floor

(Les femmes du 6e étage)


Therèse Desqueyroux               



Like us on Facebook!

The Alliance Française de la Côte Centrale now has a Facebook page!

The AFCC Facebook page.

The AFCC Facebook page.

Please feel free to like us and join in the conversation. We will be posting most of our Web site content through the Facebook page. Voila!

New Caledonia study tour update

Applications for our inaugural AFCC study tour are now closed.

11 students have signed up, plus a couple of extra people for “moral support” or simply to enjoy a week in this beautiful francophone island.

Flights are booked, deposits paid and the study course representatives in Nouméa are currently organising our hotel or home stay accommodation.

We are all very excited that the trip is going ahead and can’t wait till September!

Announcing Club Causerie

In order to cater for native French speakers, as well as advanced French speakers in general, we now offer at our monthly rendez-vous the opportunity to simply come together for a chat.

We have given this the name “Club Causerie”. This opportunity will be available starting at our next regular meeting on October 11, 2014.

Club Causerie

Désormais, à chaque réunion, les Francophones et ceux qui sont confiants auront le choix de se mettre en petit groupe afin de causer ensemble.

French classes table: Term 4, 2014

The Alliance Francaise Cote Centrale runs a number of French language courses throughout the year.

Classes table: Term 4

To make it easier to find a class that suits you, we have created a new table for term 4, 2014.

AFCC classes table: term 4, 2014

AFCC classes table: term 4, 2014

See our classes page for more details and the enrolment form. You can also order classes online through the AFCC Shop.

French film night ‘Romantics Anonymous’: June 14, 2013

Alliance Francaise CC will be holding another French film night next month.

  • Movie: Romantics Anonymous
  • Date: Friday June 14, 2013
  • Time: 6:45 for 7:00pm start
  • Location: The Hub Youth Entertainment Venue, Erina (next to the library at Erina Fair shopping centre)
  • Cost: Only $2 for entry
  • Food/drink: AFCC will provide a light supper and tea/coffee
  • Open to all: members, friends, lovers and the public