Learn French with native speakers by enrolling in an AFCC French language course! It is expected classes will be face-to-face, but this is subject to any developments due to Covid 19 and government regulations on social distancing.

Patricia at Bateau Bay and Felix at East Gosford will recommence lessons on the respective dates shown in the classes table below.

Please contact your teacher for precise information.

Classes table

To make it easier to find a class that suits you, we have created a table with all our courses.

Weekly TimesTerm DatesClassVenueTeacherCostClass delivery method
4 - 5.30pm
30th Jan - 27th March 2023New BeginnersBateau BayPatricia9 weeks = $202.50In person
7 - 8pm
30th Jan - 3rd April 2023Advanced Conversation Level C1 or aboveBateau BayPatricia10 weeks = $175In person
7.30 - 9pm
30th Jan - 27th March 2023A2/B1 ContinuersBateau BayPatricia9 weeks = $202.50In person
9:30 – 11am
7/2/2023 to 4/4/2023B1 Alter ego B1 Dossier 3+East GosfordFélix9 weeks = $202.5Zoom videoconference
17:00 - 18:30pm
7/2/2023 to 4/4/2023Beginners A1+ (Continuing)East GosfordFélix9 weeks = $202.5Zoom videoconference
9:30 - 11:00am
8/2/2023 to 5/4/2023Beginners A2.1East GosfordFélix9 weeks = $202.5Zoom videoconference
17:00 - 18:30pm
8/2/2023 to 5/4/2023Beginners A1East GosfordFélix9 weeks = $202.5In person

Classes for high school students are also available. Day and time to be negotiated. Can any new students please contact Felix before enrolling at or Tel: 04669 55083

Term fee details can be seen in the above table and at the online shop page..  To ensure there are sufficient students to form a class, we would appreciate it if payments can be made to AFCC at least FIVE working days before the first session of each term.

How To Enrol

1 – New Students:  first check with the teacher of  the class you wish to attend to ensure places are available. 

Patricia:  Tel: 4333 6634 or 0497 379 205

Félix: Tel: 04669 55083

2. All students: Complete the enrolment form and send to the class teacher,  Patricia (Bateau Bay Classes;  Félix (East Gosford classes)

3 – Pay via online shop or bank transfer.  Make sure you include a phone number or email address please.  Our Bank details:  ANZ 012-621 A/c no. 353799911 Alliance Française Côte Centrale Inc.

4 – Include cost of textbook if required and AFCC membership if you are not already a member.

Classes enrolment form

Class Enrolment Form

To register for one of the AFCC classes, please download and complete the latest enrolment form.  if you pay by bank transfer, please write your phone number as a reference.

You can also enrol and pay for a class using the online shop . It’s quick and easy !


New Students for Beginners Term 1 use the  textbook Cosmopolite 1 – details on shop page

New Students for other levels check with your teacher for textbook information

Continuing students Levels A1/A2 need the textbook and workbook: Alter Ego 1+ and 2 CDs (Hachette editor). These can all be purchased for $70 from the online shop.

Intermediate students (B1 / B2) please contact your teacher for textbook details

Textbooks ordered are normally given out in class or by arrangement at the monthly Conversation meeting.

Student membership:  AFCC Membership is compulsory for all  students of the AFCC and needs to be renewed annually. Cost: $10.


To help you determine your level, you are encouraged to contact one of our teachers.

More classes can be held depending on requests. Our teachers can also give private lessons, personalised according to your specific needs. Our classes follow the levels recommended by the Common European Framework of Reference from the European Council.


Beginners A1:
Learn how to: greet and take leave , introduce yourself and state your identity, ask for someone’s basic information, communicate in the classroom, count up to 100, tell the time, talk about your family and friends, activities and hobbies, book an hotel and buy food, find your way around town.

Continuing Beginners A1:
You have already learnt a bit of French and know the basics .We will cover the same A1 topics but a slightly faster pace with more emphasis on spoken French. According to the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you will acquire level A1 and be able to take the DELF A1 exam after 60 hours of lessons.

Elementary A2 (at least 1 year previous French study):

You’ll learn to use different tenses so you can talk about events or activities in the past and the future. You will acquire more vocabulary on basic topics and develop your listening and speaking skills so that you are able to hold a conversation about subjects you are familiar with.

Intermediate B1/B2 (2+  years French study):

You already know how to speak in the present and the past tenses (imparfait/passé composé) and can get by in diverse situations travelling in a francophone country. You will continue to extend your knowledge of French grammar and  learn how to express your opinion about different subjects and take part in class discussions.

French for travel (basic):

This course will  give you the basic vocabulary and language skills to get by on a business trip / holiday in a French speaking country.

Conversation (requires  a good knowledge of French grammar, some confidence in speaking French):
Improve your conversational French , using clippings from French newspapers or magazines articles, you will participate n a stimulating exchange of opinion about French society and culture.

Terms and Conditions

Adult Classes : You are enrolling with us. Please read the information below carefully

1. Students must enrol for an entire course.
2. Adult Courses are for students of 18 years and above unless otherwise indicated.
3. All fees must be paid at time of registration. Pro-rata payment is only available at the discretion of AFCC.
4. No refund or credit will be given to any student who withdraws less than 24 hours before the commencement of a course.
5. No refund, transfer or credit will be given should a student fail to attend every class or leave before the end of the term.
6. Alliance Française Côte Centrale reserves the right to cancel classes if a minimum of 5 enrolments is not reached.
7. If a class is cancelled by AF, students will be fully refunded or offered a full credit for the following term.
8. Please note that credit notes are neither transferable, nor redeemable for cash and have a strict use by date.
9. New students who are not complete beginners need to have their level assessed prior to joining a class.
10. To ensure the best quality in teaching, the AF reserves the right to redirect a student to another class level if the student’s level does not match the rest of the class.
11. if the teacher is not able to attend a class, he/she will offer a replacement time in consultation with students.
12. Alliance Française Côte Centrale has the right to ask a student to withdraw from the course if his/her behaviour is considered inappropriate or detrimental to the good running of the class. No refund is payable in that case.