AFCC President’s message: Printemps 2021

Mes Chers Amis et Membres, Bonjour!

First of all, a big “thank you” to everyone for still being faithful to our AFCC and I promise I’ll do my best for all of us to be “back on the deck” ASAP!

Now it’s a year and half that the main subject in all mouths worldwide is Covid 19, and now “Delta” but at least before this second and very strict lockdown, we were so lucky to always be very welcome and enjoy our meetings at the beautiful Diggers Club in Ettalong Beach, where its Managers are looking forward to welcome us back. We were also very busy at the French Market in May and let’s cross our fingers that the next one in November will be held. And very important to share with you that Nouméa is still on the “bucket list” hopefully in 2022.

But this time I decided to get out of Covid 19 and concentrate on a much happier and more special subject. Usually I don’t like to speak about myself but this time I have to…but will be very briefly!

12 years ago I moved from McMahons Point in Sydney to Tascott in our beautiful Central Coast. When sadly my husband passed away, I have been very lucky to have the support of my lovely neighbours, Fran and Ian, who also offered me their precious friendship.

They have two beautiful children, Ben who was 14 at that time, soon to become Juris Doctor in Law, being also a great guitarist, and his sister Nicola who was 12. Now the Nicola I just mentioned is no other than the Nicola, our Super Olympic Champion, who won the Silver Medal in Tokyo and showed the World her brilliant skills in High Jumping!…Yes I am talking of our beautiful Nicola McDermott!…even via its Train Station, all Tascott was proud to let the entire Central Coast know and celebrate her its way!

Now can you believe it? She is still not back home and won’t be back before October. She left Tokyo flying straight to Europe to compete for the Diamond League in Lausanne, Paris, Brussels and Zurich, as well as studying for a Bachelor of Biochemistry through University of Sydney and she is also a very talented pianist. What a legend!

Looking forward to welcoming our Nicola very soon, but her next big challenge will be to join our Alliance Française Central Coast where we’ll take very special care in teaching her French, enough to impress all Parisians, and to win her much deserved Gold Medal in Paris 2024. Now back to our world, my dear friends, it is with great impatience that I wait for the pleasure of finally enjoying our friendly meetings again. In the meantime please make sure to keep safe, healthy and vaccinated, taking very good care of yourself and all your loved ones.

À trés bientôt, j’espère,
Nathalie Adams

AFCC President’s message: L’Hiver 2020

Mes Chers Amis et Membres, Bonjour!

Since the last Gazette three months have passed but unfortunately in the worst conditions and you know very well what I mean by that.

All over the world the same words resonate…Pandemic, Covid 19 with all its tragic consequences. But we must not forget how lucky we are in Australia and also not to forget that there are still other illnesses destroying lives.

I’ll try to avoid pronouncing these words but we cannot ignore them. We are in a critical moment of History and it is obvious that a global paralysis is installed but respecting my principles…” There are never problems…only solutions”… for example regarding our French lessons, our teachers Felix and Patricia have worked very hard to introduce and continue their distance teaching via Zoom and I can tell you that the comments from the few students I have spoken with were very positive and they were very impressed…now there you have an example of a solution!

Usually I always have the great pleasure of talking about all the social events that have been organised bringing variety and happiness to you all, my dear friends and members of our AFCC, but unfortunately all those which were scheduled for the last three months had to be cancelled… in fact No … not cancelled just postponed!…except for a few unlucky…or maybe…lucky travellers around the world!

The Pre-Easter picnic… cancelled….but there will be many other picnics, the cruise on the beautiful Brisbane Waters… cancelled… but there will be many other cruises, the French Country Market as popular as it always is… cancelled…but there will be many other French Country Markets!

At least one project for our members/students is still planned and will be carried out in early September IF we are allowed to depart Australia and fly to Noumea where the school is located in a former penal colony. All its historical buildings are intact, including what was the house of the French Governor, the bakery where the prisoners’ duty was to make bread for everyone, the typical chapel … everything is still there!…and all of it with a spectacular view!

In the meantime, my dear friends and members, I really look forward to finally being able to meet you all…in French of course…and if you have forgotten, don’t worry I’ll forgive you and “let’s start again”, to celebrate our reunion probably at the Cheeky Charlie Restaurant with a very special lunch…maybe champagne???…and most importantly to see you all in perfect health and happy to realise how beautiful and precious life is!

À trés bientôt, j’espère,
Nathalie Adams

Bastille Day 2019

On bastille Day special Breakfast before start of study at our Alliance Francaise Central Coast meeting.

Alliance Francaise Central Coast boat cruise

AFCC members recently enjoyed a cruise on the Brisbane Waters where some could enjoy dancing on the deck!

Melbourne Cup 2018

Melbourne Cup 2018

On Sunday we have organised a very successful (and friendly) pre-Melbourne Cup Lunch at Cheeky Chariie’s Restaurant in Fountain Plaza. Erina.

The lunch included a competition for the most beautiful Fascinators of all our very elegant participating ladies.

Cheeky Charlie’s owner, Craig, very generously gave two prizes to the winners and the winners are:

  1. Heather
  2. Cecilia
  3. Maria

Congratulations to all and big thank you for the great time we shared and enjoyed!

Bastille Day 2018 rendezvous and lunch

Please join us for the AFCC annual Fete Nationale (Bastille Day) meeting and lunch.

The rendezvous will happen as usual on Saturday, July 14 at Erina Leagues and will be followed by lunch at Cheeky Charlie’s, Fountain Plaza, Erina.

It will be at 12.30pm, after our regular meeting. Partners and family are welcome.

Please RSVP to Nathalie by Tuesday 10 July.

Visit from French Books on Wheels

On Friday 22 June 2018, from 12 to 5pm at Erina Leagues Club, the AFCC is delighted to welcome French Books on Wheels! They are a not-for-profit organisation that travels around Australia promoting French culture through books, magazines and films. Roslyn, one of our members, will also be hosting a French conversation workshop from 12 to 3pm.