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Change of room at our rendezvous place

Dear members,

Due to the move of the Club TAB  to our previous meeting spot  our group has been allocated the previous TAB room.

From the entrance it is straight through, past the poker machines, on the right hand side at the end.

Whilst lacking any views to the outside, it is a spacious and quiet area, lacking the annoying  interruptions of people wandering through.


Announcing Club Causerie

In order to cater for native French speakers, as well as advanced French speakers in general, we now offer at our monthly rendez-vous the opportunity to simply come together for a chat.

We have given this the name “Club Causerie”. This opportunity will be available starting at our next regular meeting on October 11, 2014.

Club Causerie

Désormais, à chaque réunion, les Francophones et ceux qui sont confiants auront le choix de se mettre en petit groupe afin de causer ensemble.